End Time Delusions
Popular "end of the world" scenarios claiming Bible accuracy are being discussed and believed by millions of churched and un-churched people around the world. Are the predictions of the best selling book series LEFT BEHIND true?
In spite of the popularity of this New York Times best-selling series, many question its faithfulness to the Bible and to the prophetic position of the 16th century Protestant Reformers.
With historical documentation, biblical accuracy and support from some of Christianity's most illustrious scholars, author Steve Wohlberg proves the LEFT BEHIND rapture scenario is an end time delusion that will not happen, misleading millions and unwittingly screening from detection the real antichrist who will play the role of a worldwide apocalyptic seducer.
With candor and courtesy, Steve Wohlberg unravels the history, doctrinal twists and dangers in this prophetic theory.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Steve Wohlberg is speaker/director of White Horse Media - a radio and TV ministry, a frequent interview guest on radio and TV shows, the author of nine books including Hour of the Witch. He is highly respected for his clear thinking, simple style, careful research, and Christ-centered teaching. He lives in Fresno, California.

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