Search for the Immortal Soul
According to the Bible, an ill-fated conversation that took place more than six millennia ago produced this five-word sentence that still influences the attitudes and beliefs of millions today: "You will not surely die." (The serpent, as spoken to Eve at the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) Genesis 3:4.
In Search for the Immortal Soul, researcher and author Daniel Knauft probes the thinking of Scripture, Plato, St. Augustine and C. S. Lewis to unravel a mystery as old as time itself. What really happens at death? Does life, in fact, end, or is death just a transition to the next life? How did the ancient Greek philosophy of Platos's immortal soul infiltrate the early Christian church? Why does a belief system originating from God's enemy continue to be widely accepted and passed on to new generations of Christians without question? And ultimately, what difference does it make what you believe?
All these questions and more are addressed and answered in this short, but thought-provoking book that will challenge you to reexamine everything you may have always believed about life, death and what comes next.

Price: $9.95 plus shipping - Published 2006; 128 pages

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